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Many linked articles are written by gardeners and scientists outside of our region but the information there is either universal or can be easily adapted to the climatic conditions in the Kootenays.


Kootenay Gardening




Clematis Encyclopedia

Have you been thinking of planting Clematis in your garden but are not sure what is available?
Now you can choose from 208 beautiful varieties presented in Clematis Encyclopedia at the excellent Clematis Container Nursery website, arguably the best Clematis site on the Web.
There you will find a detailed information on hardiness, growing habit, size, annual growth, flowering months, flowers color and fragrance, together with superb photographs showing different aspects of plant growth e.g. flowers, foliage, fruit.
Tables included in the encyclopedia section can be searched and sorted by various criteria, like hardiness, plant size, flowers color and size, flowering months, etc.
The results can be displayed as a table or as an illustrated catalogue, by clicking on the appropriate icons. When using the table format for your results just click on the variety name in the table, to get all the information about the variety displayed in the frame on the right.
Clicking on the Vines in the Garden at the site will take you to the page with links to excellent articles on Clematis varieties, general requirements, planting, maintenance, training, pruning (not all varieties of clematis are pruned the same way), diseases, and more.


Kootenay Gardening




Did you know that there are in excess of 50,000 different dahlias?



Dahlia Information

Growing Dahlias

Useful information on growing Dahlias.
Corralitos Gardens website.


Kootenay Gardening



  Daylily Photos

Bill's Daylily Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of pictures of almost 550 different hybrids of Daylily, including both, older and newer, varieties. On the screen you will see a long list of Daylily hybrid names, arranged in alphabetical order. To see a picture and short description of the hybrid you have to click on its name.
- Bill's Daylily Photo Gallery website.
  Daylily Information

Daylily FAQs

Everything you need to know about cultivation of Daylilies.
- Excellent information at the American Daylily Society website.


Kootenay Gardening




Did you know that there are over 70 different Hosta species and hundreds of varieties?
Mature plant size ranges anywhere from 5 cm in height and 10 cm in width up to 1 m in height and 1.5 m in width.

  Hosta Photos

Made in the Shade Gardens Hostas

Excellent photo gallery of over 300 Hosta varieties arranged in alphabetical order by name. Each photo accompanied by a short description of the plant.
Made in the Shade Gardens website. The nursery is located in Kansas within gardening zones 5 - 6.
They don't ship to Canada, but the site is a good source of introductory information for the Hosta gardener.

Hallson Gardens Hostas

Gallery of close to 200 pictures of Hosta varieties arranged in alphabetical order by name. Each photo accompanied by a short description of the plant. You can also browse the catalog by Hosta leaf colour, by the mature plant size or by flowers.
Hallson Gardens website. Hallson Gardens is located in Michigan within gardening zones 5 - 6. They don't ship to Canada, but the site is a good source of introductory information for the Hosta gardener.

New Hampshire Hostas

Good pictures of over 300 varieties of Hosta, accompanied by a short description of the variety. You can browse Hostas by the leaves color, margin color, or by plant size.
New Hampshire Hostas nursery website. New Hampshire encompasses gardening zones 5 - 6. They don't ship to Canada, but the site is a good source of introductory information for the Hosta gardener.
  Hosta information

Growing Hostas 1

Hosta selection, site requirements, starting and growing Hostas, Hostas in the landscape, pests and diseases.
A comprehensive article by horticulture specialists at the University of Nebraska. University of Nebraska website. Nebraska's gardening zones 4 - 5.

Growing Hostas 2

Plant size and shape, leaf colour, flowers, shade/sun requirements, companion plants, soil preparation, planting, fertilizer, water, propagation and division, Hosta pests, diseases, plant selection.
A good article on growing Hostas by master gardener Gretchen Heinke and Jane Martin.
Ohio State University web site. Ohio encompasses gardening zones 5 - 6.

Growing Hostas 3

An interesting article on growing Hostas posted at the Made in the Shade Gardens website.
Made in the Shade Gardens is located in Kansas within gardening zones 5 - 6.


Kootenay Gardening



  Iris Photos

Val and Allan Iris Collection

Pictures of modern and heritage Bearded Irises from the collection of Val and Allan, in Shoreacres.
Shoreacres is a tranquil and picturesque community located in the West Kootenay, British Columbia, Canada, half way between Nelson and Castlegar, close to the Kootenay River.
The collection consists of close to 500 stunning varieties of Bearded Irises.

Japanese Irises

Pictures of several Japanese Iris varieties.
Ian Black's website.
  Iris information

Bearded Irises

How to grow Bearded Irises.
An article at the Iris Garden website.

Japanese and Siberian Irises

How to grow Japanese and Siberian Irises.
An article at the Iris Garden website.

Dividing Irises

Short article at the Iowa State University website.


Kootenay Gardening

Osteospermum - the African Daisy    




Did you know that osteospermum can flower for up to 8 months of the year?
Comprehensive information on everything related to osteospermums. A nice photo album, too.
Osteospermum website.


Kootenay Gardening




Growing Peonies 1

Good article on cultivation of peonies. Cultivars, site requirements, planting, care and maintenance, potential problems.
North Carolina State University website.

Growing Peonies 2

Another good article on cultivation of peonies. Growing peonies, pests and problems, recommended hybrids.
Ohio State University website.


Kootenay Gardening





    "Despite the controversy surrounding these lovely flowers, they remain something far simpler: a beautiful, colourful and charming addition to an at-home garden, a stunning vision as they stand tall and proud, their papery red, pink or orange blooms swaying gently in the breeze. . . . Yes, you can grow poppies in your own garden." website.


Kootenay Gardening



  Photos of Roses

Pictures of Roses

Hundreds of great pictures of Roses organized by category: Floribunda, Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Shrub, Miniature, Modern Climber, English/Austin, Rugosa, Polyantha, Hybrid Perpetual, Hybrid Musk, Old Roses.
Probably many of the varieties are not hardy enough for the Kootenays climate, there is no info on hardiness, but what a pleasure to look at them. Fast loading.
It would be beneficial to have them sorted by hardiness, color, or fragrance, to make easier to choose that right Rose for your garden, but this is a website of a photographer, not a gardener.
The photographer, Bob Bauer, is a photographic artist residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. His Nature Imagery and Landscape Photographs are on display in many Corporate Decor and Interior Designed situations throughout the USA.
  selecting Roses

Selecting Hardy Roses

Comprehensive list of hardy Roses with information on class, flower colour, blooming frequency, size, form, and hardiness zone.
You can also find there which varieties are recommended for low-maintenance landscapes, which are not.
University of Minnesota website.


Kootenay Gardening

Alpine and rock garden plants    



Alpine Photo Gallery

Clicking on Pictures there will take you to the Alpine Flower Picture Gallery where you can enjoy great pictures of hundreds of alpine plants and flowers.
Unfortunately you can do it one by one only, selecting by scientific name. Not too efficient approach and kind of slow. But if you have tons of time go for it.
Rocky Mountain Rare Plants website.



The Saxifrage Society

Saxifrage is a group of mostly hardy perennial plants, chiefly valued for planting in rock gardens. They are notable for their lovely flowers and fine foliage. They have a long flowering season. The word Saxifrage comes from Latin saxum - rock, and frangere - to break.


Kootenay Gardening

Herbs - medicinal plants    



Herbal Dictionary

Tips on growing, medicinal, and religious use of hundreds of herbs.
Gaia Garden Herbals website.

Modern Herbal

An alphabetically arranged by common name index of hundreds of common, and less common, herbs. Clicking on the name will take you to the page with plant description, information on cultivation, propagation, medicinal uses, culinary recipes, and more. website, home of the electronic version of "A Modern Herbal" by Maud Grieve.

Growing Herbs in the Home Garden

Excellent information on history of herbs, herbs for beginning gardeners, indoor herb gardening, outdoor herb gardening,  description, culture, harvesting, drying, and use of several common herb varieties.
West Virginia University website.

Growing Herbs

Information on growing herbs. Tables with information on height, spacing, light requirement, propagation and culinary uses of common annual, biennial, and perennial herbs. Very useful.
North Carolina State University website.

Using Herbs Wisely

"When herbs are used therapeutically within the context of a cultural healing tradition, they are used safely. But when the use of herbs becomes separated from their cultural and historical context they can be misused. For that reason, this page is dedicated to reviewing some of the principles for the wise use of herbs."
Garden Medicinals and Culinaries website.

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