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Sustaining connection between people and plants
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  Kootenays Garden of the Year 2006  

Country garden


pictures taken at the end of July 2006


    Situated at the quiet branch of Highway 6 winding through the picturesque Slocan Valley sits a hidden treasure, one of the finest gardens in the Kootenays.

    The garden belongs to Shirley P., Child and Youth Counselor by profession and a gardener by heart.

    The most striking feature of Shirley's garden is how seamlessly and beautifully it blends with the surrounding lush greenery of the Valley,  like a precious jewel blends with the gold of an expensive necklace.

    In the garden you will see ornamental trees and bushes, flowering shrubs, Raspberries, Golden Currants, vegetables and, of course, flowers, flowers, flowers ...

    As you can see on the pictures, Shirley's garden is in perfect order and her plants are in perfect condition.

Lush vegetable beds are interlaced with flowers in borders and containers
    There is a greenhouse housing Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers, with the entry adorned with planters filled with a gorgeous combination of flowers in Shirley's favourite colors: magenta and yellow.
    Here is what Shirley says about her garden and her passion for gardening:
    My garden has evolved over 25 years through trial and error. It has been my teacher, my companion, and healer. The connection it has provided to our precious natural environment has truly been a spiritual experience for me, and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with others.

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