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Our Kootenays Garden of the Year 2007



City garden


Pictures, with one exception, taken in July, 2007

Even the smallest landscape can offer pride of ownership not only to its inhabitants but to its neighbors. The world delights in a garden. Creating any garden, big or small, is, in the end, all about joy.
- Julie Moir Messervy

    I have chosen a small city garden in Kimberley as the Kootenays Garden of the Year 2007 in the city garden category for
- perfect utilization of a very small city lot
- originality of the overall design
- perfect harmony of functional and aesthetic aspects of the garden
- perfect health of plants growing in the garden
- pleasing to the eye selection of colours
- neatness


   The garden belongs to Leslie Lindberg, a dancing instructor in Kimberley. It perfectly matches her cheerful and friendly personality.

    Leslie bought the place three years ago. She says: " I'm a "newbie" to the garden scene. When I purchased this house 3 years ago, I was fortunate enough to walk into an already well established scenario. I am learning as I go.


    What I have developed over the past few years is a new appreciation for all those who take the time to maintain and establish their yards and gardens. It is a very time consuming process, filled with a lot of trial and error. On the flip side, it is also a great way to relax and enjoy the beauty of all your hard work and efforts. I am not sure of how this garden got started or the details involved. I know the previous owner was a member of the garden club here in Kimberley, and spent a lot of time getting it to where it is today.

    So far I haven't managed to "spoil" all her hard work. Having been inspired by her efforts, I have tried to incorporate a few new things on my own, some successful, others not ... but an ongoing learning experience none the less. This is my first go at trying to maintain and create a garden of my own.

    My previous home had no garden but great potential. I spent many hours trying to get basics set up and established (more landscaping, establishing flower beds, laying stones for walkways ect.)
    At my present address, most of these things were already well established, so the new task for me was to try and learn more about the different types of flowers and shrubs, how to maintain them, what to plant and where, sun vs shade plants etc. Still finding that somewhat of a challenge I must say! My goal now is to try and find  new and subtle ways to enhance what is already here"

   And there is a lot there. A beautiful lush border filled with shrubs and perennials, a tiny pond with a miniature bridge over it and small animal figurines inhabiting the shores, a tiny fountain, an ornamental tree, with a hammock stretched underneath, supplying much needed shade during hot summer days, a recreational area with deckchairs around a fire place, a dining area with a table and chairs for two (or more). ...  The owner evidently not only works in her garden but enjoys it as well.


    In the border flowers bloom all season long. At the end of July, when I took the pictures, in bloom were Daylilies, Astilbe,  Spiderwort, Hydrangea... There are beautiful Hostas that look great all through the summer. There are also plants in containers and hanging baskets in the garden and on the porch.

   Little human and animal figurines that Leslie likes to place in the garden create a feeling of being in a fairy tale world, far from the noise and ugliness of the city street. Leslie also likes to mix real and artificial flowers. She doesn't overdo that, however. She uses artificial flowers only where this year's long-lasting, excessively hot weather did damage to the real ones. She does it with good taste for colours to achieve  overall harmony within the garden. The colours of flowers harmonize with the colors of chairs, cushions, table cloth, pots and the decorative garden utensils.


    The whole place is very neat - picture perfect. The house looks almost like an extension of the garden and vice versa with the porch being the joining element in the overall design.

    On special evenings hundreds of tiny colorful lights transform the entire place into the fairy tale garden of lights.

    Leslie definitely did not "spoil" what she  inherited from the previous owner and for that she deserves a prize. The task of upkeeping a garden created by someone else can be overwhelming. I have seen beautiful gardens completely annihilated by the new owners. In some ways it is easier to start your own garden from scratch, slowly gaining the necessary experience and knowledge.

    Leslie's garden is proof that even a tiny urban yard can be transformed into a little paradise, an oasis of lush vegetation, a place were one can relax alone or in the company of friends.


The garden plan

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