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Kimberley Garden Club

Kimberley, East Kootenay, BC


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Do you like to Garden?  So do we!!


A little bit about our garden club and meeting information

Kimberley Garden Club Meetings
Second Wednesday of the month, 7:00 pm

Selkirk High School Library
405 Halpin Street
Kimberley, BC

If you’re interested in joining us, fees are only $12 per year, payable in January.  Members paid by  the March deadline are entitled to a 10% discount at Top Crop stores in Cranbrook and Kimberley.

For more information, please contact our Membership Chair:
Nola McLaren 

    Kimberley Garden Club is a fun group of people who love everything about the art of gardening. 

     We get together to:
 -  Listen to guest speakers
 -  Learn about new plants, techniques & garden related ideas
 -  Visit local greenhouses
 -  Tour members' gardens
 -  Socialize

     Our club is a small one; our membership currently stands at 40 members, including three Life Time Members, who we honoured for
their long commitment to the club.

     We meet year-round with an indoor educational program in the winter and outdoor garden visits in the summer. In the summer months, we try to visit three different members' gardens, then have a quick meeting in the last one.

    Summer is also a time for visiting local garden centres. We also have an annual pot luck barbecue in August, to which spouses are invited, as well as an pot luck Christmas get-together, also with spouses. Every year, we have our annual Mother's Day plant sale, stocked with goodies from our gardens. Some of the money we earn goes toward paying an honorarium to our guest speakers.

    In our own way, we support the beautification of Kimberley, and when we have funds available from Garden Tours or Garden Conferences, we have tackled projects such as a garden and gazebo for the residents of the Kimberley Special Care Home ("The Pines"), helped the City plant the new planters in Kimberley's Platzl, donated money to Cominco Gardens both for general plantings and for their Slope Enhancement project facing the new senior's home, Garden View Village. We have also given money to the Kimberley Chamber of Commerce at their new location for landscape plants, donated money towards the landscaping of the Kimberley Aquatic Centre, and many more worthy projects.


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