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Gardening in Kimberley


Gardening information for members new to the Kimberley area

Hardiness Zone

    Kimberley is officially Zone 3, however, depending on your particular micro-climate or location (Townsite/Lois Creek vs. Marysville), you may be able to “push the zone” and grow Zone 4, 5 and 6 plants. You will need extra winter protection for Zone 6 plants.

Soil Type

    Soil in the East Kootenay is alkaline. For lawns, buy fertilizer with sulphur to help the grass roots take up the other nutrients.
   Perennials seem to do well in alkaline soil, with the exception of those liking a moist, rich, acidic soil. It helps to amend the soil of your beds with sterilized manure and peat moss, digging or tilling these amendments in well before planting. We do not need lime in our soil.

Deer Proof Plants

    Do not try to grow cedars here without a protective fence around either the cedars or your yard. Cedar is winter forage for deer and they can devastate your plantings. They will also gnaw on Mugo Pines and they love dogwood. They are now also eating juniper, both the shrub type and they Rocky Mountain tree-type.

Helpful Books

 - Favorite Trees and Shrubs by Lois Hole, Perennial Favorites by Lois Hole. These books deal mainly with Zone 3 plants. Available at most area book stores and at Top Crop.
 - Perennial Garden Guide by John M. Valleau of Heritage Perennials (highly recommended, has zone ranges, sun/shade, height/spread, wonderful photos and much more). Available At Top Crop in Cranbrook.
 - Deer Proofing Your Yard and Garden, by Rhonda Massingham Hart
 - Creating the Prairie Xeriscape, by Sara Williams

Deer Deterrents

 - Panther P2 and Bambi. A concentrate of large cat urine which you dilute with water and soak strips of cloth or special sachets. Hang strips on branches of shrubs and the smell will deter them from eating treated shrubs. Must refresh every 4-6 weeks.
 - Scarecrow Sprinklers. Battery-operated motion-sensing impulse sprinklers with sensitivity settings. Also works on dogs, cats, etc. Available at Top Crop or through Lee Valley Tools (
 - Blood meal. Deters them from eating tulips. Must re-apply after rain or watering.
 - Other: Check with Top Crop to find out what else is available as a deer repellent.

Gardening in Kimberley, Revised May 10, 2010


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