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Slocan Valley Art and Garden Tour 2006

    There are so many beautiful gardens in the Slocan Valley that showing all of them here could be difficult, almost impossible.
Instead, I decided to show just one garden to our visitors in Canada and around the world, leaving to your imagination how the other gardens may look like.

Featured garden - Artist's Garden - Rabia's
Country garden
Pictures taken in July, 2006
Walking gently on the Earth

    First, please meet Rabia herself at her leisure time at her beautiful property in Appledale, in the Slocan Valley, in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. The Slocan river flows just behind the trees in the middle of the picture.

When Rabia is busy she works as an artist and as a gardener. Her garden is filled not only with plants but also with her art.
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    Above you can see part of Rabia's flower and vegetable gardens, the view from her patio.

    Here is one of Rabia's latest artistic creations - a "Dancing Girl". The sculpture is  9 feet tall. Sorry, it is already sold.

    View of Rabia's house with a big flower bed at front of it.

    More of Rabia's art - a beautiful mosaic chair.

Everything in Rabia's surroundings is the expression of her artistic personality
Rabia's outhouse Rabia's outdoor bathroom Rabia's guesthouse Rabia's workshop
More of Rabia's art
See you at our next Slocan Valley Art and Garden Tour in 2007!

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