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Sustaining connection between people and plants
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This market provides a venue for local merchants and entrepreneurs offering locally produced organic food, crafts and art, as well as fairly traded imports.

By choosing to spend your money here you stay connected to your local food sources and help ensure that our community spirit and economy stay strong and healthy.

The Cottonwood Market is operated by the West Kootenay Eco Society, which is committed to fostering sustainability, bringing people together, and building positive ties between humans and the environment

Pictures taken in August of 2006
The largest outdoor community market in the Kootenays, Cottonwood Market, is located in Cottonwood Falls Park (on the picture above) in Nelson, West Kootenay, BC
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The market is operated by local environmental organization, the West Kootenay Eco Society, whose mission is to promote ecologically and socially sound communities while protecting species and ecosystems.
Each Saturday since the end of April to the end of October small area designated for the market is filled with customers and other visitors.
You can buy there certified organic vegetables and fruit, homemade breads, soaps, books, clothing, jewelry, and more
You can listen to a local will be amazed how many talented performers we have here in the Kootenays
You can dance, try exotic pakora, or simply relax among friendly people in the quiet atmosphere of the park.
The market is a must-see Nelson event, very colorful and characteristic of local folklore.
Last year, among other things, I bought there the tastiest organic peaches and nectarines I have ever had.
I also got hypnotized by the primordial sound of a band of drummers performing there.
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