Earth friendly gardening in the Kootenays region of British Columbia, Canada

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Sustaining connection between people and plants

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Gardening Resources

BC Botanical Gardens


UBC Botanical Garden

    University of British Columbia, Canada, Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research.

Glendale Gardens and Woodland

    A garden lover's paradise in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Glendale Gardens offers plant enthusiasts  5 acres of inspiring demonstration and teaching gardens that include over 10,000 varieties of plants.

Finnerty Gardens

    University of Victoria Finnerty Gardens. One of Canada 's best collections of Rhododendrons. Victoria, BC, Canada.

Tofino Botanical Gardens

    Dedicated to the cultivation and display of plants native to the world’s coastal temperate rainforests, and to research and education programs to improve knowledge and understanding of the ecosystems of the UNESCO Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve.
Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Alpine Garden Club of B.C.

    Alpine Garden Club of BC has approximately 400 members with interest in alpines, woodland and native plants, and rare shrubs and trees. Monthly meetings are held at VanDusen Gardens in Vancouver.


Gardening and Farmdening in the Kootenays


Farmden is a word coined by writer and gardener Lee Reich meaning a piece of cultivated land that is  " more than a garden, less than a farm"

 Bee Glade Farm

    A small farm & nursery located near the Kootenay River in Glade, British Columbia.
    "We cultivate a landscape that promotes a variety of pollinating insects, birds, bats, reptiles & amphibians, we grow all things naturally, encourage use of wildlife friendly plants & open pollinated varieties, we commit to strict no-chemical use, use recycled objects for our crafts and purchase supplies from ethical companies."

Blogs I Like


 Little City Farm

    "We are an urban homesteading family trying to live simply and sustainably in the city. We aim to provide many of our basic needs (food, water, shelter, energy, transportation) while reducing our impact on the environment."

The Beautiful Food Garden

    Changing the way we eat and the emphasis we put on our own food. "If I want to eat clean healthy and fresh food, I need to find out how I can get it. The first way is to grow it myself."
    David King in Los Angeles writes about growing food in Southern California, the evils of industrial farming and genetic modification of food plants and rails against the evil of Monsanto and other big players in the poisoning of America.

A Year in Search of Seeds and Hope

    "The world’s ancient seeds are being lost at an alarming rate. With these ancient crops goes an amazing array of cultures, diets, ceremonies, and sustainable farming systems that have proven themselves over hundreds of years. ... Only five companies now control over half of all seed sales in the world, ... over 75% of our world crop diversity was lost in one century. ... However, there is also an incredible amount of biodiversity left and an even more incredible amount of passionate people working to protect and promote what’s left."
    Adam Forbes, "a wandering farmer and Seed Saver" writes with wit and a great sense of humor about his year around the world as a Watson Fellow studying Seed Saving and the Preservation of Genetic Diversity in India, Italy, Thailand, Ethiopia, Canada, Mexico, and Peru.


Gardeners of the World


Magnars Arctic Garden

    Perennial garden in  Harstad, North Norway, around 69º north, 200 km north of the arctic circle.


Heritage Farm Animals


Rare Breeds Canada 

    Today's commercial farming methods of extreme intensification and specialization have put much at risk by creating a dangerous dependency on a narrow genetic base.
Are you interested in preservation of endangered heritage, rare breeds of Canadian farm animals? Visit Rare Breeds Canada website.

Other Resources


The Spirit of Gardening

    Quotes, proverbs, articles, history, humor, links, and resources for the gardener.

Cultivating Canadian Gardens

    The history of gardening in Canada.

Planet Friendly

    People and Planet - Environment, Sustainability and Peace in Canada and beyond.
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